Oracle Database Personal Edition (version independent): Perpetual Named User Plus odpe_28_10

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Personal Edition provides a maximum of one Named User Plus per database.


Oracle Database Personal Edition is designed to provide software developers a cost effective, yet full featured Oracle Database environment on which to develop, test and run custom or packaged applications. Designed without technical limits, time bombs or other "gotchas", the Personal Edition provides all the power of the Oracle Database at a very attractive price point. With its ability to handle virtually any type or size of data (from gigabytes of transactions to terabytes of XML data, the Personal Edition takes you a significant step towards mastery of the Oracle environment.


  • Complete compatibility with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Oracle Database Standard Edition
  • Includes all Enterprise Edition option products such as advanced security, except Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Support for more types of data than any other database including XML, audio, documents, text and more
  • The most comprehensive and open access to Web Services through SQL, Java, XML and standard Web interfaces
  • Scalable performance from single-CPU servers up to multi-terabyte mainframes and clusters


  • Low cost configuration provides developers an affordable, efficient way to run applications against a complete Oracle Database environment.
  • Includes all Enterprise Edition option products, such as Oracle Spatial and Partitioning, except Real Application Clusters. This enables programmers to develop and test against a variety of runtime configurations.
  • Coupled with Oracle Technology Network technical resources, discussion forums and complete product documentation, the Personal Edition gives software developers and database administrators a huge headstart towards tapping into the global Oracle community.