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If licensing by Named User Plus, the minimum is 10 Named User Plus licenses per Processor.

Suite Contents


With industry-leading manageability features, Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g enables you to meet your large-scale user and transactional demands with minimal effort. It delivers highly predictable performance and extreme scalability with in-memory data caching and dynamic capacity adjustment, making it the ideal foundation for infrastructure consolidation
  • Lower operational costs – Oracle Real Operations Insight and Oracle Real Operations Automation dramatically reduce cost associated with diagnostics, configuration, and deployment on production servers
  • Outperform your competition – optimized for modern IT systems, the highest performing application server supports more processing on fewer servers
  • Best Foundation for Oracle Portfolio – Oracle GridLink for RAC, Oracle Grid Messaging and other capabilities couple WebLogic effortlessly to other Oracle products for maximum synergy


  • Industry-leading, fast and reliable Java EE application server
  • Oracle Enterprise Grid Messaging
  • Oracle GridLink for Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Oracle WebCache
  • JRockit JVM with real-time capability
  • In-memory data grid with Oracle Fusion Middleware ActiveCache
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Real Operations Insight and Real Operations Automation
  • Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse tooling


  • Access to the latest application development and runtime standards with extreme performance, scale, and efficiency
  • Built-in messaging backbone with high availability enables comprehensive system-level communication
  • Deploy applications with active-active high availability and load balancing
  • Efficient delivery of HTML and XML in support of Rich Enterprise Applications reduces network traffic
  • Fast, predictable performance for consistent, smooth application execution
  • Rapid access to application data at scale with high reliability
  • Powerful systems monitoring and diagnostics down to the JVM for fast error detection and resolution
  • Flexible tooling options enable fast, high-quality service and application development

Technical Specifications

Operating System supported (32-bit and 64-bit)