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How to Place an Order OR GeT a QUOTE

To place an order or get a quote, simply add the items you wish to purchase to your Shopping Cart. Prior to Checkout, you can review the items in your Shopping Cart, add/remove items and update quantities as needed.

Checkout REQUEST Process

To complete your order, navigate to your Shopping Cart (which is located in the header at the top of the page). If you are ready to proceed with your request, click on the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page. You will be guided through the following steps to complete your request (note that all this is on one page):

Log-in. Security measures require you to log-in to complete your order. If you have not yet registered, please create an account.

Billing and Shipping. If the correct addresses are not already in our database you can provide or updates your address. The Shipping address is optional and can be used if you are ordering for someone else (your customer). Please note that your customer will need to be the one that signs Oracle's agreement in order for your request to turn into an actual order.

Payment Method. Select your payment method, either Bank Transfer or Credit Card (Paypal). In case you need a quote, please use Bank Transfer as this will postpone payment until the quote is confirmed by you. If you have shopped with us before or are sure you have the correct items in your cart, you may use Credit Card / Paypal to pay for the order rightaway. This will speed-up the ordering process.

Complete Your Request. Please review the request for accuracy. Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions you can confirm your request by clicking the 'Next' button. Changes cannot be made once you have submitted your request, if you need to make a change now click the ‘Page back’ button in your browser and make the appropriate modifications.

Changing My REQUEST

At any time before you click the ‘Next’ button in the Shopping Cart, you may update, change or cancel your request. If you have made changes to your cart, you can re-enter the Checkout process again with the applied changes. At this stage you can also working on your previously saved Cart (our store saves your Shopping Cart automatically).

If you need assistance regarding your request, please contact us.


Once your request has been submitted, you are unable to cancel due to the automated nature of the Darwin License Store fulfillment process. Please contact us before you pay our invoice ! 

Save My Shopping Cart

If you’ve added products to your Shopping Cart but aren’t quite ready to purchase, you can easily Logout. Your Shopping Cart will be saved automatically to use when you return later.

Retrieve a Previously Saved Shopping Cart

After signing in, the Cart in the top navigation bar will show the saved Shopping Cart. When you have not signed in, you can always later retrieve your previously saved Shopping Cart.


Created - Your request has been succesfully placed. A confirmation mail has been send to your Billing email address.

Received - We have received your request.

Processing - You will receive a quote by email that you will need to confirm.

Confirmed - Your request has turned into an order is being processed.

Invoicing - We are in the process of invoicing your order. Your invoice has been sent. Note: Invoicing is done by email and send to your Billing email address.

Closed - We have received your payment and your order is complete. You may download the programs from Oracle's edelivery site.

Cancelled - We have cancelled your request.

Shipped - We have shipped your order (if applicable).

If you have any questions or concerns about your request status, please contact us.

Split Orders

If your order contains licensing/support with various associated support terms, you will receive multiple order/ Customer Support Identifier (CSI) numbers for your purchase, where each order number will be associated with a particular support term length. For instance, if you place a licensing/support order for a 1 year support and a 3 year support, your order will be split into 2 order numbers and assigned 2 CSI numbers, 1 order and CSI number per support term.

Software Available for Download

Customers can download Oracle software from the Oracle E-Delivery website. Please go to To download Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM products please go to

Media Pack Purchase

Customers can download a copy of the Oracle software. If you would prefer to have a physical copy of the software, you can purchase a Media Pack. Note: Not all software is available as physical media. Because of this changing availability we don't offer Media Packs in the store. To purchase a Media Pack you can send us an e-mail. Please specify in your mail the Oracle Product you would like a Media Pack for and the Operationg System (OS) and Version you are using. By return you will get an e-mail from us with availability and purchase price. If you agree on this we will send the Media Pack to your address and invoice you on the billing address you have specified in the store.