Oracle Advanced Compression: Named User Plus Perpetual oac_8_10

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Enterprise Edition Options (with the exception of In-Memory Database Cache) and Database Enterprise Management Packs must match the number of licenses of the associated Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. In addition, a minimum of 25 Named User Plus licenses per Processor must be met. Associated Database is defined as the database(s) which is (are) being managed by the option.

In the case where the minimum number of Named User Plus licenses are/were purchased, the number of licenses may not match due to variance in core factors between the time the respective programs were licensed. If licensing by Processor, the number of licenses may not match due to variance in core factors between the time the respective programs were licensed.


Oracle Advanced Compression - with Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition - helps you manage your growing amounts of data (that on average are tripling every couple of years) in a cost effective manner. Oracle Advanced Compression compresses any type of data, including structured and unstructured data such as documents, images, and multimedia, as well as network traffic and data in the process of being backed up. As a result, Oracle Advanced Compression helps you use resources more efficiently and lower storage costs. As seen in the Wall Street Journal and other major publications, Oracle is proud of the energy and space savings delivered by Oracle Advanced Compression. It helps Oracle Database 11g use much less disk space and power, while running faster than ever before. With Oracle Advanced Data Compression, Oracle customers are making the planet a little greener.


  • Reduces database storage requirements and associated costs
  • Compresses transaction processing and data warehousing application tables
  • Compresses structured, unstructured and backup data
  • Cascades storage savings throughout the data center


  • Reduces disk space requirements for all types of data
  • Improves application performance
  • Lowers storage costs - 2-4x reduction in storage across all environments such as production, standby, test, development, backup, etc.
  • Improved memory efficiency as data remains compressed in memory
  • Minimal or no performance impact on DML operations due to performance optimized compression technology
  • Faster queries in many cases, due to improved I/O and memory efficiency
  • Better network bandwidth utilization
  • Transparent to applications - no application changes required

Technical Specifications

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition