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Enterprise Edition Options (with the exception of In-Memory Database Cache) and Database Enterprise Management Packs must match the number of licenses of the associated Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. In addition, a minimum of 25 Named User Plus licenses per Processor must be met. Associated Database is defined as the database(s) which is (are) being managed by the option.

In the case where the minimum number of Named User Plus licenses are/were purchased, the number of licenses may not match due to variance in core factors between the time the respective programs were licensed. If licensing by Processor, the number of licenses may not match due to variance in core factors between the time the respective programs were licensed.


Oracle Advanced Security provides transparent data encryption of data stored in the database and network encryption for data traveling across the network. In addition it provides a complete suite of strong authentication services to the Oracle Database. Network encryption is implemented using industry-standard data encryption and data integrity algorithms. This option provides a choice of algorithms and cipher strengths for deployment. Strong authentication services support a comprehensive suite of industry-standard third-party authentication options. The authentication options include single sign-on services to the Oracle Database by interoperating with existing authentication frameworks and two-factor authentication choices such as smart cards and token cards.


  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) protects information in the database from media theft by encrypting sensitive data on disk
  • Data encryption and integrity to ensure the privacy of communications over any protocol into the Oracle database
  • Strong authentication services such as Kerberos, PKI, and Biometrics and RADIUS-compliant smart cards


  • Transparently encrypts sensitive data in the database.
  • Secures all communications with the Oracle database.
  • Delivers strong authentication services with Kerberos and PKI.
  • Protect all application data quickly and easily - Encrypt the entire tablespace or specific sensitive columns without making any changes to existing applications
  • Comprehensive - Transparent encryption for Oracle database traffic, disk backups, and exports
  • Cost-Effective - Leverage secure, built-in key management and integration with industry leading Hardware Security Modules (HSM) or other enterprise wide key management solutions.
  • Highest Level of Identity Assurance - Support for PKI, Kerberos and RADIUS-based strong authentication solutions

Technical Specifications

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition